M for Malaysia documents the 2018 Malaysian General Elections when the people of Malaysia, led by a 92-year-old former Prime Minister, overthrew one of the longest ruling governments in the world. Despite endless barriers thrown at them, the tense campaign pushed on with the most surprising result in the country’s history.


On May 9 2018, the people of Malaysia, tired of a decade of unprecedented greed and corruption by their then government, decided to make their voices heard. Led by an unlikely coalition of former political rivals headed by the 92-year-old former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Pakatan Harapan (Alliance of Hope) battled many obstacles and barriers in order to carry out an extraordinary campaign for change.

The film had unprecedented access to Dr. Mahathir during the election campaign and documents his final political battle at 92 years old. Working with his political nemesis whom he had once demonized and jailed, Dr. Mahathir sets out to redeem himself and right his wrongs in order to save his country, going head to head with his former protege Prime Minister Najib Razak of the Barisan National (National Front). The impetus for this was Najib’s implication in the 1MDB scandal that the US Department of Justice had classified as the largest kleptocracy in history.

Dr. Mahathir is on a mission to undo the unfathomable levels of corruption, murder scandals and a complete breakdown of the rule of law by a government which had ruled Malaysia since independence for 60 years.

Just caught MforMalaysia, thank you Doc Edge documentary festival for bringing the film to New Zealand. I’m not gonna lie, I teared… I remembered the struggle and watching the events unfold before your eyes again was quite an emotional journey. Paraphrasing Alex from the festival, no matter what happens next, Malaysia has seen hope. Hope for a better future. Also, I’m thrilled that archives played an important part in making this documentary. Thank you archivists and librarians who’ve been working silently behind the scenes all these years.

Joshua Ng


Hong Kong is very fortunate to be chosen as the first in Asia to be screened. I have received a lot of positive reviews from friends who have seen the movie. Even my 18 years old son who was borned in HK also enjoyed it. It was a good way to connect him to his root. I think the film should be part of history lesson for schools in Malaysia. Well done Ineza and Dian and the team who helped make this film possible. Congratulations.

Lawrence Meng Fah Liu

Malaysian in HK

Thank you Dian Lee and Ineza Roussille for bringing #MforMalaysia to #Docedge Festival 2019 here in NZ. I believe that this film is to not only going to travel far but also have impact especially to Malaysians who need to hear the message of reconciliation and hope. This film is a long awaited flickering beacon to a lost path of a beautiful nation. As the Director, Dian Lee rightly said, it’s a baby step. We could already see through the Festival that it has not only affect Malaysians but the international community.

John Lau


As a Malaysian living abroad, this movie really brought me back home and touches every corner of my heart. Facebook helped me lived through the 2018 election last year but this movie puts me in the center of all the actions and stirs up emotions that I forgotten I had for my home country. What made it even more personal was seeing it through Ineza’s perspective as she took us behind the scenes with her grandfather, Mahathir bin Mohamad, the man that changes the history of Malaysia at the age of 92.

Shiew You Loh

Malaysian at Pixar

I’d been in protests, amongst thousands of Malaysians before but this was different. There was a clear sense of hope and excitement but we’d also come to a point of utter desperation. Change was the only option.

Ineza Roussille


60 years was long enough and like everyone else, I was utterly disgusted and fed up with the abuse of power, corruption and racial politics that had become the status quo in Malaysia.

Dian Lee


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